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Developers, companies, owners and brokers rely upon Chang Architectures unique ability to create environments that make them successful. Designing over 5 million square feet of built projects and over 600,000 square feet of tenant improvements, interior and workplace environments, and market-ready interiors in the Bay Area, our philosophy is to tailor each design around your specific business needs, merging creativity with reality.



We approach design with your commercial success in mind, merging creative innovation with reality.  Our specialties in commercial office buildings include mid-rise, core and shell, market ready and repositioning.  Our strengths in retail spaces, mixed-use, manufacturing, biotech and parking garages result in creative designs that operate efficiently and have a timeless presence.


Our interior design begins with an aesthetic unique to your business.  We understand how visual communications and your business identity can be expressed through your daily operations. We take time to understand the image you want to convey, and then deliver designs for a seamless workspace in a comfortable and inspiring environment.


When you are considering multiple sites, we can assist you in selecting the right fit for your needs.  We quickly produce building campus and parking plan alternatives so that thoughtful decisions regarding site, building size, visibility and configuration can be resolved early on and provide a solid basis for further development.  

We also specialize in office campus planning, especially in Silicon Valley.  Because we know tech employees so well, we are often asked to ideate campus amenities.  Our practical approach works to keep the creativity and innovation of the company culture through all of the office touchpoints.  Our approach is practical, yet we endeavor to foster creatively and productively that keeps the Silicon Valley innovative. We've recommended unique ways to collaborate - from zen gardens and bocce ball to hotel-style living rooms – considering the unique needs of Silicon Valley’s 24/7 work day.  We've been called upon to handle visual communications and identity, marketing and branding communications expressed through built designs, and landscape design.  

As-Built measured Drawings

Whether you are a building owner, real estate management firm or real estate broker it’s important to have accurate documents of your existing asset if you are planning to lease or make alterations. We survey all commercial building types including office, industrial and manufacturing.  If you are planning to lease or make improvements, we provide accurate as-built documents of your existing building. As-built drawings can include both exterior and interior building plan information to show existing layouts, space relationships and area measurements.  We provide both exterior and interior building measurement services using the following process:

As-Built/Measured Drawings

Since many buildings do not have drawings available, we come to your site and quickly sketch out the arrangement of interior spaces.  The team measures the existing elements which can include wall locations, doors, windows, restrooms, kitchens, lights, ceiling grid, electrical outlets, light switches, mechanical diffusers, floor finishes and any other existing conditions desired.  As a convenience, we can offer weekend scheduling to avoid unnecessary disturbance to your tenants.


Document in CAD

The field measurements are documented in AutoCAD to produce an accurate drawing that can be printed to hard copy, measured by the computer and/or transferred electronically to a third party as a basis for work.


BOMA Calculations

The CAD drawing provides a basis for measuring the area of the building or space per BOMA standards for leasing purposes.  This includes real estate industry standard calculations including gross area, gross measured area, load factor and rentable area.



We also provide graphic design services to create hard and soft copy flyers illustrating your property and effectively conveying important facts and details to the market.